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The Big Banned Podcast 012 – Didgeridoos & Dicks

Big Banned Cover 2

This week Azz and Brooke talk about childhood heroes becoming pedophiles, Azz’s new sense of responsibility and news of the return of something VERY big and VERY band…The Big Banned Reunion…Duh Duh DUHHHHHHH


The Big Banned Podcast 011 – Blood On My Shirt

Big Banned Cover 2

This week Azz and Brooke talk about the world cup and their upcoming Big banned world cup podcasts, drunkenly interview themselves and unveil the WORLD premier of their world cup ANTHEM blood on my shirt

The Big Banned Podcast 010 – Big Banned Party Broadcast

Big Banned Cover 2

This week Azz and Brooke are BACK with a bang bang bang! We talk about what we love about facebook holiday albums, talk about what they would do if the BBP came to power and set up our most controversial game ever!

10 Things I Question About You 001 – Rizla Ruler

10 things I question

This week Iain & Jess talk about being naked, measure body parts with Iain’s strange measuring system and talk other male/female bollocks

Smart, Classy, Sophisticated Women…Who Say Fuck A lot – 003 – #AlwaysWet



This week Iain and Jess talk about sex, tongue bar causing pain during oral sex and being a welsh scouser with special guest Matt

The Pizza Beer Podcast 014 – Toto-Overdose


This week rapey clowns talk about GTA V selfies, Fleshlights & Watchdog/Assassins creed crossovers

The Pizza Beer Podcast 013 – Euro Truckin’ Across The U.K


This week truckin’ mother fuckers talk about cilla black, making a card game and Jess from Slaggy slag slag mc slag slag podcast’s viginal girth